Welcome to the Epistellein idea center!

Welcome to the Epistellein idea center! I'm so glad you stopped by. I couldn't show all the journals I've made for others at my Etsy site so I decided to create a blog where I could share pictures of the ones that are already in use. You'll also find design ideas I have for other journals that I'm hoping to make in the future. Browse through the posts and read the many different stories that have been unsealed in an Epistellein journal. Then be inspired to start unsealing your own!

Happy storytelling!
~ Jennifer

Friday, January 28, 2011

Better Than An Apple

This fall, my triplets had a student teacher, Miss Lorenz, in their kindergarten class. She was great fun and made a wonderful impression on all the students. As expected, they were very sad to see her go at the end of the semester. To help ease her exit from the classroom, all the children drew a special picture and answered some silly questions about her. I gathered these papers and secured them in the pages of a kindergarten-themed journal which we presented on her final day. She had lots of smiles as she turned each page and enjoyed the one-of-a-kind memento very much.

Doesn't she look like the perfect kindergarten teacher? We think so!

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