Welcome to the Epistellein idea center!

Welcome to the Epistellein idea center! I'm so glad you stopped by. I couldn't show all the journals I've made for others at my Etsy site so I decided to create a blog where I could share pictures of the ones that are already in use. You'll also find design ideas I have for other journals that I'm hoping to make in the future. Browse through the posts and read the many different stories that have been unsealed in an Epistellein journal. Then be inspired to start unsealing your own!

Happy storytelling!
~ Jennifer

Monday, February 28, 2011

Mighty Warrior

I came to know about Lisa and Will's brave battle for their son's life after a college friend asked me to pray for the couple and their newborn. Soon, I was joining others on their CaringBridge site to come alongside and lift little Albert up in prayer and love. After several weeks of incredible medical care and waves of prayers reaching out on his behalf, little Albert received his restoration in Jesus' arms. During his short life, he touched countless lives and his legacy sees no end in sight. His incredible mom and dad have taken their loss and seen the opportunity for gain in it...gain for others in need of a message of hope and comfort. I'm so inspired by their faith and focus on the promises of God for them, even in this season of letting go. And I can't wait to hear the good news about their family expansion, which I'm confident is on the way.

Here's a picture of the journal I made for them. Lisa told me that they're writing letters in it for the next baby as a stand of confidence in the Lord and the goodness He has planned for their lives.

Proud parents with their mighty warrior

Read Albert's story at http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/albertjones

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What Miles Can't Separate

One of my most favorite journals to design was the one I made for my mom and me to keep. Since 1996 we've lived at least 3 hours apart and seeing each other in person is limited to holidays and a week during the summer, not nearly as often as the weekly cuppa coffee we'd like to share. But this journal helps to make the miles a little shorter. I write in it for awhile about daily life or plans I'm working on for the next season or the bigger dreams I have about the future. And when I visit Mom back home, I take it along and drop it off for her to write in during our next time apart. I chose the butterfly theme since we both have an affinity for them, but also because the butterfly is a creature that moves on for a season, yet always knows it's way back home.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Way to Remember

My journal making endeavor began with a family from my hometown that I had never met. My mom worked with a lady who had asked for prayer for her daughter, Sherrie, who was ill with a serious heart condition. I was moved to hear that there were 3 young children in the family, ages 7, 4 & 3, to care for while their mom battled for life in the hospital. Tragically, Sherrie died not long after I learned of her story and a deep desire to help in some way came over me. I was too far away to help with meals or childcare and a simple note of condolence didn't really seem to express the depth of my sympathies either. As I was praying for the family, the picture of 3 journals came to mind and I knew I had been given the idea I was searching for. Through my mom, I found out that Sherrie's favorite color was blue and she loved wild flowers. I found 3 different sets of appropriate paper and came up with the designs below. Each journal is for one of the children. The oldest, McKenzie, has been writing in hers on her own. The other 2 journals are being filled by family and friends with stories of Sherrie for the younger children to read as they grow. I'm hopeful that as they come to understand that their mother's time in their physical lives has ended, a way to remember her beautiful life has begun.