Welcome to the Epistellein idea center!

Welcome to the Epistellein idea center! I'm so glad you stopped by. I couldn't show all the journals I've made for others at my Etsy site so I decided to create a blog where I could share pictures of the ones that are already in use. You'll also find design ideas I have for other journals that I'm hoping to make in the future. Browse through the posts and read the many different stories that have been unsealed in an Epistellein journal. Then be inspired to start unsealing your own!

Happy storytelling!
~ Jennifer

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thanksgiving and St. Nick family journals

Here are some of the Thanksgiving and St. Nick journals I've been working on. Holidays are great times to start new family traditions as well as perfect times for preserving family memories!

Thanksgiving journals are used from year to year to record how the Lord has abundantly blessed your family. They're fun to use at the family dinner on Thanksgiving or can be prepared ahead of time and then shared while everyone is gathered for the meal.

St. Nick journals help to capture the magic and wonder of little ones who are waiting for Santa
to arrive. They can be used to write letters to Santa or make wish lists.
And it's extra special when Santa leaves a note in the journal for the children to read on Christmas morning! How cherished will those memories be when the children aren't so little anymore and parents get to relive the joy of those younger years.

These journals are for sale at my Etsy site. And as always, I'm happy to create one that suits your color preferences. I have lot of other designs ready and waiting to be made!

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